Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Wonder Aquatic World, Pulau Tioman

This is the time in life, I'd want to get out of the house door and don't stop running until I'm totally exhausted.

It's been crazy weeks for me and my travel time and blog are first to be compromised to be set a side for while.

We all live in the same timespace defined by the Universe, racing against timeline and deliverables, given the equal time to complete some tasks whether we like it or not, we just have to do it.

One sensible I learnt to do is to stay positive, give all your best while you can.

Happy New Year! 

I wish you all the best in 2012 although the Mayan had predicted the end of world, apocalypse is coming this December 21 according to them.

The date that is regarded as the end date of 5,125 year long cycle in the Mesoamerican long count calendar.

I'd spend my time thinking about what to do next if the day doesn't come than worrying about it.

Nevertheless, it's still unbelievable that the Mayan's influence is so great and very exciting to see if the Mayans had actually predicted it rightly.

Do you know that there are still many Mayan descendants and languages being spoken today?

Tioman Island, East Malaysia

Tioman is a small lovely island located 32km off the east coast of East Malaysia, Pahang, 39km long and 12km wide, renowned for its diverse marine life and inland forest.

There were 4-5 stops before finally reaching Salang beach where I spent couple of nights, I chose Salang because it was recommended by my friend but I was sure they were pretty much the same except that Salang was nearer to the snorkeling spots.

Tioman, the perfect place for weekend retreat
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Snorkeling and diving in the wonderful aquatic world of the South China Sea is always the key attraction to Pulau Tioman.

This resort is one of the more expensive ones in Salang

Sea transport

Wonderful day at Tioman

Getting into Tioman can be by sea or air, a conservation fee of RM10 will be incurred, I took the fast boat and it was about RM70 per trip which would double if you think you are coming back =).

There was only single jetty and single boat operator, it was a painful experience as the seat was typically lack of space for tall and big size travelers.

The malfunctioning air-cond on the way back wasn't helping at all it was unimaginable, incredibly suck and really screwed up the whole experience of Tioman.

I hope the boat operator and the travel agency would take a good look at the matter and fix the air-cond at least.

Resting booth at Tioman beach

Resting on the swinging hammock on the sunny day and listening to the sound of wave was heavenly joy particularly with Chang beer found from the one and only tax free store.

Tioman usually would have less travelers in September, I was worrying about the rainy season before the trip but it was all OK, and less travelers meant I had more quiet and quality time relaxing at the beach.

Snorkeling tour package to the neigbouring small islands was easily found along the beach for around RM80/USD28.

Make sure you rent a boat with roof, check with your tour guide before committing unless you love The Sun so much
Leaving the main island to snorkeling spots, Tioman
Salang Beach Resort

Salang Beach Resort offers non air-conditioning room for twin sharing starting from RM80/USD25 per night, RM110/35 with air-conditioning.

They also offer budgeted single room for only RM40/USD13, these wooden rooms carried beautiful local architectural design.

Salang Beach Resort

Salang Beach Resort

Resting area at door front, it's my drinking place in the morning, afternoon and night

The island remains considerably clean and unpolluted at most of the areas and is strictly enforced nature reserve by Malaysia authorities.

Tioman has less visitors if compared to some of the most famous islands such as Koh Phuket and Koh Samui in our culture-rich neighbour, Thailand due to some obvious reasons including the enforcement.

I believe the night life activities are also playing an important for a travelers like me though I can't speak for the most of them, besides the beautiful beach we need more pubs, beers, music and party!

All these are my personal demand and we know damn well that we can't possibly achieve that without compromising the pollution on the sea and land.

Anyway, I believe Tioman island (Pulau Tioman) is still the most sensible retreat destination at all time.


  1. hi.

    i'm rafsyan. i'm planning to go to tioman too. how was the weather there, and how much would you suggest for cost for food per day?


    1. Hi Raf, the best time to go Tioman is mid Mar - Nov, the monsoon peaks between Nov - Mar.

      You can expect more rains & rough seas during Monsoon especially in Dec - Jan and as result some resort operators shut down at this time and reopens around Chinese New Year.

      The food is fairly cheap, three meals a day for less than RM50 per pax.

  2. Hi, It's Jan, we are planing to camp at Tioman. what is the best spot to set up the camp. are there any special procedure?

  3. Hi, Do you have any idea of the name of the resort that at the hill?
    U stated it as "This resort is one of the more expensive ones in Salang" Thanks

  4. Im planing for this end of December..hows there??

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