Friday, October 15, 2010

Luang Prabang, Laos

The only thing that I felt inconvenient about traveling alone was when I need to use the toilet badly yet I couldn't leave all my gears at the dining tables.

Do not take the risk of leaving your belongings for even a few seconds, bring it with you wherever you  go, that would be my personal advice to you.

Luang Prabang

I had earlier posted about of this extraordinary town in Travel Laos for 8 days 7 nights (part 2). I supposed this blog is part 3 of it.

Luang Prabang - Sisavangvong road
The monk in black umbrella
At the center of Luang Prabang small town, there was the Mount Phousi (yes, it is pronounced exactly like something else) located, was an easy hike, 250 steps to the top and the clear 360 view of the beautiful town.

Steps to Mount Phousi
The debate of demand and supply thing will never end and let's not talk about it, I did what I supposed to do to free the poor bird at the top of the mountain for 10,000 Kip. Oh ya, the entrance fee was 20,000 Kip.

Safe the birds, don't buy from the seller.. I'm conflicting myself..
She's freed like a bird..
The temple's corner at the peak.

The view from top was phenomenon.

View from top of Mount Phousi
A far Wat
A Japanese lady that I was too shy to say konichiwa
The street came to life when night market started around 6pm and ended 11pm daily, it was the tourists' favourite shopping choice, I needed no superb bargaining skill to bring the prices of items down to 50% off their initial prices, it was easy to do business with them.

While rainy season runs around May to October, August has the most rain drops. A quick snapshots of how the market setup looked like during the rainy season.

Night market during the rainy month (August)
There were an awesome lot interesting souvenirs to take home.

Support the craft works
The umbrellas came to live
That night, I met Nick again, the Canadian lawyer. He said he nearly died coming to Luang Prabang, his VVIP was hit by the hand of the crane by accident while he was on his way from Vang Vieng. He was sleeping while everyone was diving to the other end when the bus was tore apart. Well, this is one of the many funny stories you'd never share with your parents. At least what I had gone through wasn't so bad after all compared to his experience.

And Magalie, a dentist with deep French accent from Quebec, a province in east-central Canada. It's the only Canadian province with predominantly French-speaking population and the only one whose sole official language is French at the provincial level.

Nick & Magalie, a lawyer, a dentist
The next day, breakfast was no other than having it at my most favourite stall at the street, this time I had the local beef and pork curry noodle soup. It's a coconut based curry soup, moderately spicy to me.

The Lao pork/beef noodle is clearly the popular choice of food to the local, I suggest travelers to try it, the ingredients were always safe for anything to do with noodle soup.

12,000 Kip indulging beef & pork curry noodle soup
If you are lazy to walk on your feet and need to save time, the easiest way to roam the small town is to rent a bike at less than 15,000 Kip. You need to surrender your passport to rent a bike, it's generally ok to do that.

Some random street shots in the morning that made my day meaningful.

Zebra crossing that no body cares
Me and my trailing shadow
I like the vibrant colours that usually make me feel younger

I spent some time walking Khem Khong road in the afternoon, near the jetty and Mekong river where most of the river side restaurants were located. There were some interesting lives there, plenty of trees, quite chilling and easy.

Rice store
Time to eat, chicken noodle soup for 10,000 Kip

I met two lovely ladies from Yun Nan who were both lecturers in their native province, we spent hours sharing our travel experience. They were really nice people and we shared so much fun talking and joking, we exchanged contacts and moved on.

I'm going to end the blog with this shot I took from the restaurant toilet that I needed some time to get used to (actually I will never be, lol). It did look like a storeroom, and the odd positioning of the toilet bowl that I actually pee awkwardly facing the door.


  1. amazing~~~~~~~ love it so much!!!! when will i have this chance to go back pack like u????

  2. Like.. anytime?

    Backpacking requires nothing more than the emotional thought of going into far land on a budget.

    It's not always safe to travel alone but you can use a company on your first trip to make it easy for second.

    The thrill is to survive everyday on a fixed budget and explore many possible adventures every place you go.

    Use your emotion, try to book a return flight ticket of 7-10 days to nearest South East Asia cities based, and start planning only it's 2 weeks ago. Impromptu, yes, I need a lot of emotional thinking & quick decision for all my travel trip.

  3. duh........easy for guy....i dont think my mom will allow me to do that~~gotta wait until i finish uni!!!! or find another girl with me!!