Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

There is a lot of uncertainty judging from the latest development of what I believe to be entering second half of the Andrew Lee's life.

I'm quitting my job, not because of traveling, but to try to focus on getting my dad's security arm force company back on track before venturing into other optional startups that I've been planning for some time.

It's going to be challenging years ahead, really, a lot of things to be picked up from where they were left some time ago. But I'm just going to be tougher and being myself once again, the Andrew Lee that was once vocal and confidently taking on all challenges into bed with him every night.

The Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House is a museum in Bangkok, just 5 minutes walk from Lub.d Hostel. It a complex of various old Thai structures that the American businessman Jim Thompson who helped to revitalize the silk industry in 1950s.

That morning, I got up at 10am, later than expected, I think was because of clubbing till late at RCA. RCA was awesome, great sound systems, great music, hot chicks, full of fashionable clubbers. I like it very much.

The weather wasn't really good, gloomy sky.

The food from the roadside was looking particularly nice, and me and the girls just decided to settle down for breakfast. It was awesome, but too spicy I sweated like a pig, wait, does a pig sweat? I don't know.

Fried pork, chicken? I didn't bother too much

There was a cute girl, I was just taking shots at the food and thinking, what's wrong with making her my photo collection?

Not kidding, but super spicy delicious breakfast, the pork was chewy and the vege super spicy

Jim Thompson collected from all parts of Thailand in the 1950s and 60s and putting them together form the art of this museum. It's one of the most visited tourist spot in Bangkok according to wikipedia.

The Jim Thompson House is located on Soi Kasemsan (2) Song, opposite the National Stadium on Rama I Rd.

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 everyday with the last Guided Tour at 17:00 according to its official website.

Jim Thompson House's entrance

The well preserved traditional old Thai structures

The art gallery houses all the finest silk products of all kind

One of the tour guide reading on some book, they generally speak good English, and Japanese

The flooring, just took some random shots while waiting for the tour before it started

The main hall of Jim Thompson's house

The front yard that is facing the river

Some fine arts in the museum

The signs of years, some duplicate copies are available for purchase

Jim Thompson's conspiracy. He came to Cameroon Highland, Malaysia in 1967 and was disappeared shortly after taking an evening walk.

He took a way at noon, and never returned. Malaysian police forces conducted a thorough search over the jungle but their efforts were futile, he was never found.

His disappearance became a mystery, many books had been published since then, but there were no concreate conclusions and solid facts to back the claims.

As many theorists had try to come to conclusions on the conspiracy of why Jim Thompson had disappeared, his contribution to the silk industry had never been forgotten.

Jim Thompson's foundation continued to operate and expand on the businesses that he owned and his house was preserved and opened to the public for visit.

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