Friday, October 14, 2011

What's in These Mysterous Sacks?

I'm very impressed by how great Blogspot's dynamic design, after applying the new design I was settling into staring at my own blog for more than 15 minutes with all excitement over the face.

Anyone who saw me doing that would have mistakenly thought I was watching porn, geeky nerd, haha!

I have decided to post short traveling story to heighten up my travel by bit as some feedbacks saying that I took too freaking long to post a blog.

In other words, it's revitalizing as I saw some stagnant in traffic growth or rather a drop on my total monthly visitors for past few months.

My travel posts are always full of details, and perfect in my way before it's being up there, I'm thinking maybe I should make more short postings while I work on longer post.

Cut long story short, I decided to drop in with little posts as and when I find interesting stuffs to share to spice up your life and mine on some boring days.

You won't wait too long, here's one.

Can you guess what's in these Mystery Sacks?

I walked down the street in Phuket town snapping some quick photos, I looked curiously for while when I stopped in front of a Chino-portuguese shop where there were sacks mysteriously being hanged outside.

There were plenty of them, I have interestingly edited the picture so it gave different moods and let your imagination go wild and out of the box.

Mysterious sacks, cinematic mood, looks pretty decent to me

In the 80's, are these rice sacks for sale? My grandpa told there's pointless to hang them all like these.

Mysterious sacks, what do you think is in it if it's in the 80's

This is my favourite, the bone chilling ghostly terrifying mood, a lot of things can go wrong if you are getting this in a movie where the characters are being beheaded, hands and legs being shoved inside the sacks with blood dropping on the floor.

Mysterious sacks, ghostly terrifying mood

I'll be revealing it when this post hits 10 likes, please help yourselves. Cheers!

Oh ya, this is a scheduled post ahead of my busy schedule tomorrow, I might have forgotten about it if so please leave a comment so it will remind me of coming back to post the answer to this blog.

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