Thursday, September 6, 2012

EnSurvey - The Online Survey Community That Pays Your For Your Opinions
If you are wondering why you haven't heard from me for some time I have a perfect explanation for my readers. I have an extremely important milestone to complete this time around.

This is going to be pure business blog, the business side of me for many of you probably won't be seeing. But I can assure you, I have the same passion for web business as much as for traveling and meeting new friends around the world.

It's been two remarkable years of conceptualization since the day I was with the advertising agency and finally EnSurvey has gone live. 

I could use some of your blessings, cheers! =)

What is it all about EnSurvey?

For many, it's going to be interesting to know that EnSurvey pays you to answer to some quick and fun surveys. Suitable surveys will be shown to you as your profile matches the client's requirements.

For others, EnSurvey is my latest venture, we help clients to gain quick market intelligence to justify business ideas and marketing initiatives, our clients are the marketeers (business owners, executives of brands, the advertising and media agencies, human resource and business units). You can work all within your budget and control.

Key features to EnSurvey

We are an online survey community where anyone can launch survey and target our respondents. You can target your private group too. Meaningful real-time results are generated real-time to assist you in achieving goals to deal with your industry.

Our model is pretty straight forward, our clients pay us, we pay our respondents. Think of us as the AirAsia or commonly known as the low price budget model, now more people have the opportunity to survey the market at higher frequency compares to when there’s no EnSurvey. 

We believe findings are very important to businesses where the strategy is built on, and we are the source of getting them in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

To put them into perspectives, I've included a findings below about a survey of Malaysian's Environmental Awareness in an attempt to understand the level of commitment from Malaysian people generally aged between 18 - 45 years old in doing their part saving the planet Earth.

Snapshot of EnSurvey

Surveys listing

Creating survey 

Targeting and setting up questions

Sample report

There are many great features such as:
  • The Question Bank that would assist first time surveyor
  • Incredibly powerful real-time analytics
  • Precise targeting from day one to eliminate the unnecessary market noises
  • Stay anonymous to survey the competitors
  • Bidding for survey to achieve maximum result (this has got some similarity to bidding for keywords in Google Adsense and Facebook advertising)
  • And many more
Alright, time to wrap up and I will definitely spend time blogging my next trip and clearing some of my backlog travel posts.

Until then, cheers and stay well, leave a comment of blessings for support! Thank you.

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